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Ofcom, Openreach and Dark Fibre

Those who have been following the design, build, and transition of the JAP will be acutely aware of the complexities of building such a network and some of the choices we’ve been forced to make due to the lack of ubiquitous dark fibre. There is, however, some light on the horizon…

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Saving money on ExpressRoute*

*normal caveats about YMMV apply A number of organisations connected to Janet use ExpressRoute to create a dedicated connection from their campus to the Microsoft Azure Platform, others choose to use the multiple high capacity peerings that we have with Microsoft because their requirements are much smaller and a dedicated ExpressRoute connection just doesn’t cost […]


European Open Science Cloud: Improving research collaboration across Europe

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is an ambitious initiative of the European Commission (EC) to create a platform to support Open Science and Open Research Data across Europe. Conceived over five years ago, the European Cloud Initiative announced in 2016 that EOSC would offer “1.7 million European researchers and 70 million professionals in science […]

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Jisc joins the Wireless Broadband Alliance

Jisc has joined the Wireless Broadband Alliance, a Wi-Fi industry group focused on global collaboration and interoperability across the sector. The WBA’s objectives – to define best practice, foster adoption of new technologies, and promote thought-leadership – align closely with our own, and we believe present opportunities that will benefit our education and research members. […]


Another update on Janet’s traffic levels as the autumn term ends.

As we approach the end of the calendar year, and are in what would traditionally be a busy period of the year for traffic on the network (after the school half-term and before University autumn term ends), I thought it would be worth doing a follow-up to the blog posts (first, second) earlier in the […]

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Jisc’s Wireless Census – a retrospective

There’s been a huge sea change in how we work, how teaching and learning is delivered, and how services are accessed this year. In this context, we likely face changes to how organisations manage their network and wireless facilities. Jisc is currently running a piece of research on the state of wireless networking in the […]


Lockdown 2.0 – what does it mean for Janet services?

Following the government announcement on Saturday 31st October of a second national lockdown, this post provides information on the continued delivery and support of Janet services. Delivering Janet services Delivery of Janet services can be split into 2 main areas – Projects and BAU. Projects are where we contract a range of suppliers and construct […]

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Little Fluffy Clouds

As part of the growth in the use of Janet for accessing cloud providers, beyond the direct task of building a robust and scalable network, Jisc has tried to increase the number of ways that a user can consume the various services we can provide. In the past, we have made both govroam and the […]

COVID-19 Response

More (ab)normal thoughts

Following on from last week’s piece on the impact of additional traffic to campuses during the new (ab)normal, I’ve been asked to try and help people through the process of trying to calculate the impact. To be honest, you’ve probably already done this, but just in case there is a spark of insight I’ve tried […]

COVID-19 Response

The new (ab)normal

With students returning to campus (or not) over the coming weeks, there appears to be a growing level of discussion about the impact on campus networks and Janet. The good news is we think everything is going to be ok.