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We’re live in London

Over the past week we’ve completed the first phase of commissioning of our new London access network, and have started migrating member connectivity over to the new infrastructure. The lucky first institutions were Stanmore College, Bromley College, and Christ the King Sixth Form College, and there are plenty more to come. The new network offers […]


Missing in action

Those that keep an eye on the tech press may have noticed cries of alarm that there is a global chip shortage, especially if you’re a gamer wanting to get your hands on the latest generation of graphic cards from AMD or Nvidia. The bad news is that it’s not just GPU silicon that’s gone […]

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Ofcom, Openreach and Dark Fibre

Those who have been following the design, build, and transition of the JAP will be acutely aware of the complexities of building such a network and some of the choices we’ve been forced to make due to the lack of ubiquitous dark fibre. There is, however, some light on the horizon…