Back to work (well, not quite)

Whilst we’re still firmly ‘enjoying’ lockdown, we have at least now got used to what lockdown really means, both professionally and personally, and we’re used to it. With that in mind our attentions are now turning to planning the transition out of lockdown and into something resembling normal operation. Any transition will definitely be phased […]

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A new Slack workspace for the Networkshop Community

It was great to see so many of the Jisc and Janet networking community at our first ever Networkshop online.  While the circumstances driving us to that format were of course very unfortunate, the fact that around 500 people registered, and the vast majority of those then attended our three day event, was fantastic to […]

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Cloudflare’s “Is BGP Safe Yet” website

We have had a few tickets pointing us at Cloudflare’s Is BGP Safe Yet website (one describing it as “a new website that details internet service providers that don’t tend to their routing“) and telling us that we do not implement BGP safely. We do not yet drop invalid routes using RPKI data, the website […]

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More observations on Janet traffic during lockdown

It’s almost four weeks since the first blog article I wrote on the changes to traffic patterns on Janet as we moved to working from home. At the end of that I promised an update, so whilst it has been a little longer than planned, here it is. Frankly, not much has changed. We’ve continued […]

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#Love2eduroam in the time of Corona

(with apologies to Gabriel García Márquez.) In a previous blog , I suggested that a significant amount of the remaining roaming activity might relate to NHS usage.  Some itches need to be scratched, so I have dug a little further into the eduroam stats with the help of my colleagues Stefan and Ed. As a […]

COVID-19 Response Research

Jisc e-Infrastructure support for collaborative Covid-19 research

Most of our services are designed and managed in such a way that they are easily and securely operated, and can be supported by colleagues working from home. Our flexible working practices mean that many of our colleagues are used to working remotely. We are providing additional support and equipment to ensure we can deliver […]

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Federated roaming during COVID-19 isolation

Govroam and eduroam are services aimed at facilitating network roaming access to staff and students visiting participating organisations. Our current national response to the pandemic is to radically restrict travel and work for non-keyworkers, so we’d predict that Jisc’s roaming services would be barely used at present. The situation seems to be a little more […]