COVID-19 Response Research

Jisc e-Infrastructure support for collaborative Covid-19 research

Most of our services are designed and managed in such a way that they are easily and securely operated, and can be supported by colleagues working from home. Our flexible working practices mean that many of our colleagues are used to working remotely. We are providing additional support and equipment to ensure we can deliver the same level of service to you. Jisc is also on hand to help with collaborative Covid-19 research initiatives.

Janet end-to-end performance support for Covid-19 research

Covid-19 research may require a significant amount of large data sets to be transferred between sites over our national research and education network, Janet. Whilst the Janet core network is designed to have more than enough headroom capacity, that is not the only factor in the network or end systems which can impact data transfer performance. We can provide guidance and support for large scale Covid-19 research projects from our Janet end-to-end performance Initiative to address and overcome any unnecessary delays to vital research.

Professional cloud services support for Covid-19 research

For research initiatives making use of public cloud provisions, we also have certified cloud solution consultants, architects and engineers in Microsoft Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Cloud connectivity and Cloud security, who can provide guidance and support in making optimal and effective use of public cloud.

eduroam and Govroam support for Covid-19 research

Despite the lockdown, key research may involve travelling to collaborate or access resources, or providing new guest access mechanisms to support these activities. To facilitate this, Jisc’s federated roaming services, govroam and eduroam, are available to simplify guest access. We are available to discuss requirements and on-board organisations onto these services.

How to contact us

If you wish to make use of this support, please contact us via the Jisc service desk:

     Tel: 0300 300 2212; e-mail:     07:00 – 00:00 (Monday – Friday).

When doing so please make it clear whether you are requesting end-to-end performance, cloud, or eduroam support for Covid-19 research.

Please note that whilst we would like to support all Covid-19 research, our resources are unfortunately finite so we will be prioritising national and international collaborative research initiatives.

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