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That Facebook / WhatsApp / Instagram outage

This is probably not the first blog you have read on the Facebook / WhatsApp / Instagram (for the sake of verbiage, I’ll just refer to it as ‘Facebook’ from here on) outage, and it probably won’t be the last, but here are my observations from the Janet network. Unlike many services used on the […]


Another update on Janet’s traffic levels as the autumn term ends.

As we approach the end of the calendar year, and are in what would traditionally be a busy period of the year for traffic on the network (after the school half-term and before University autumn term ends), I thought it would be worth doing a follow-up to the blog posts (first, second) earlier in the […]

COVID-19 Response

The new (ab)normal

With students returning to campus (or not) over the coming weeks, there appears to be a growing level of discussion about the impact on campus networks and Janet. The good news is we think everything is going to be ok.

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eduroam traffic update

This post is really by way of an update to the earlier blog, love to #eduroam in the time of Corona. These updated graphs just show that the patterns we observed in the first weeks of the lockdown have been sustained over the longer term. Look out for a future update when restrictions are eased […]