Janet Access Programme update – summer holidays!

It’s the summer holidays now, so a time to take it easy, put our feet up, and relax. Yeah, right!

In the first of a regular series of short JAP updates, I’ll provide a quick overview of the status of various Janet access projects we’re working on:

South: Today saw the 16th connection (out of 99) transition over to the new South network, and with plenty more scheduled for the coming weeks we remain on track to complete that project by end of October.

South West: with just one infrastructure link still to be delivered, commissioning and transition planning is well underway, and we’ll be contacting customers in the coming weeks about those schedules of work. End of 2020 is the deadline so as with South we’ll be putting together an aggressive schedule of site migrations, and we look forward to getting on what that work ASAP so that you can all start to realise the benefits of the new infrastructure.

Midlands: Hardware is being installed in racks as we speak, and Openreach are busy delivering all manner of services all across the region. Fibre providers are busy installing fibre, and should have completed by end of September, after which time we’ll start the usual process of ‘plumbing it all together’, which should take us to the end of 2020. In the new year we’ll be firmly in planning and carrying out customer migrations mode, and will aim to complete the project by May 2021.

London: essentially ditto. London is on the exact same timeline as Midlands, and the status isn’t much different either. Deadline again end of May 2021 so lots of time, but lots of work to do as well.

North West: we’re just dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s on the new network design, and will start signing contracts and placing orders for infrastructure towards the end of the year.

North East: we’ve issued a Statement of Requirements to our dark fibre framework, so over the coming months we’ll complete the network design. We’ve also had some really constructive engagement with a couple of the big HEIs in the region, and re adapting our design work to take into account some additional requirements they have.

Everything else: we’re planning and designing, re-planning and re-designing, and generally keeping ourselves busy 😊

Head over to the project webpage for more info on the Janet access programme (including a high level schedule of projects), the Tech 2 Tech event series, and lots more.

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